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    One owner – One driver vehicles

    The vehicles offered by Fleet Lease Remarketing, in most cases, have been in a corporate sponsored maintenance program and have usually been in the possession of one driver since new. This assures you that the car or truck you are buying has been maintained through a preventative maintenance program.

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    We set the standard for selling used fleet vehicles

    Since leasing demands regular upkeep, off-lease vehicles are a great place to start a used car search.  As leases have become popular, large numbers of well maintained, 2-3 year old cars are coming off lease in increasing numbers.  Because of the stringent lease mileage restrictions and maintenance requirements, these vehicles practically qualify as new, even in appearance.  Also, the majority of miles on fleet vehicles are highway miles.  Fleet Lease Remarketing offers top-quality vehicles that have been well cared for.

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    Our prices are second to none

    Fleet Lease Remarketing specializes in off lease vehicles from some of the largest leasing companies in the world. We have earned an outstanding reputation for low prices without compromising customer service.

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    Many dealers buy from us

    Our off lease vehicles are known for their quality maintenance programs. Fleet Lease Remarketing also inspects each vehicle prior to putting it on our lot. Our reputation for quality and best price have made us the “go to” business for other dealers searching for the best price on a used car or truck.

  • 5

    We have the cutest office dogs in town

    They’ll welcome you to Fleet Lease Remarketing with a smile.  (Dog Gallery)


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